Catholic Wealth and Spending Infographic

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These discussions never seem to go away, so here’s something (hopefully) socially friendly to help discussions! “Sell the Vatican, Feed the world” goes the urban legend. Here are a couple considerations for the secular world in general and non-Catholic Christians who share this attitude.

To the statement “The Catholic church wastes billions of dollars on chairs and cathedrals when it could be feeding the poor,” a good response is to show what the Church does with the money, and to compare it to other big businesses.

Catholic Spending Infographic

See the full infographic here on CatholicViral



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  1. Stacy Trasancos

    Great job! Thank you.

    • Dominic de Souza

      Thanks Stacy! I hope it helps. 😀

  2. stefoodie

    This is awesome!! Thanks so much!!

    • Dominic de Souza

      My pleasure!

  3. EthosGirl

    Hi Dominic? Is it? Thank you so much for writing this! Did I get that correct, you wrote this and put it all together. Wow, a lot of good works here. Thank you so much. Just wanted to add that the Vatican is also its own separate entity with its own currency which is therefore backed up with real wealth. Something the good ole USA doesn’t believe in? Also, I can’t help but mention I am disappointed you are glorifying/promoting smoking? 🙁 Please consider not smoking or at least not promoting smoking. Blessings, Paige

    • Dominic de Souza

      Hi Paige, glad you liked it! I just worked with some research Doug Beaumont started; his link is at the end. I just added some more clarifications to it. And I fully understand that there is lots more to this picture, such as spending in other countries and so on. There’s only so much that you can fit in one mouthful! God bless!

    • dombett

      Actually the Vatican does not have its own currency. It uses the euro.

    • chris

      I don’t understand the relevance of your comments about smoking, paige. Have I missed something here? No offence intended. Peace Great work in the info graphic, this should put certain people in their place 🙂


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