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6 years ago, I turned my thoughts on being an author into an ebook. in 2021, it’s now updated as a course with 9 lessons, available for free through SmartCatholics!

Are you excited to write a novel full of drama and meaning? Help your creative novel be the best it can with fiction author and passionate Catholic, Dominic de Souza.

In this course, Dominic de Souza shares the insights that helped him overcome his struggle about being a ‘Catholic author,’ and start his own path as a novelist. Today, it’s accepted that our faith and fiction shouldn’t touch. Dominic believes that’s actually impossible.

The secret? Fed up with feeling like an imposter – afraid of doing it wrong, shoe-horning the faith in afterwards, or watering down his story – Dominic took a step back for a decade to reflect. He learned how the faith doesn’t limit our creativity.

Now, Dominic is sharing what he’s learned, so that you can do the same: explore any topic and genre with honesty and imagination.

Together with Dominic, you will
– Rediscover the role of an author
– Understand how to respect your audience
– See your call in a new and greater light

Packed with insights, quotes, and references from Dominic’s favorite readings, this course is designed for every author who struggles to write Catholic fiction.

Whether you want to go deep into a character’s journey, enrich your worldbuilding, or uncover your Catholic inspiration, this 9-lesson course will bring you more confidence.

All you need to follow along is right here. As you finish each lesson, you can leave a public comment with your key takeaway or question. Or you can grab a pen and paper to journal offline. Send Dominic a private message any time.

Our faith is a lifeline that lets us explore anywhere without getting lost.

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Dominic de Souza

Dominic de Souza
Cradle-Catholic passionate about the frontier between Faith, history, and science in the modern world. 

Dominic de Souza

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