Buy an idea from a professional Imaginarian.

Most small businesses are desperate for creative thinking, and new ideas. 

One idea could change everything, help you connect with people, make more sales, and become an exciting, memorable business. 

Starved for ideas?

Desperate for an idea for a marketing campaign, or something to do to connect with your clients?

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Select one of our Imagineers, describe your business, and what kind of idea you’re looking for, and pay your fee.

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The Types of Ideas we Offer

You won’t get slick schemes for a fast buck. Everything builds on your commitment to excellence. 


Help you demonstrate your credibility when you don’t yet have reviews, or social proof. 


Boost the communication of your brand vision, values, and history. 


Create personal touches that inspire and delight, improving referrals and return business. 


Stop marketing at people, and start doing attention-worthy activities!

Drab is dull. Exciting is interesting. When the world zigs, we zag. We help you find your Purple Cow, your Yellow Tux, your conversation starters.

We deliver innovative, creative, and fresh ideas – from outside your business.

  • What if a Cruise Director had ideas for how baseball could be experienced? (Savannah Bananas)
  • What if coffee was sold like a lifestyle, instead of a commodity? (Starbucks)
  • What if using a computer was creative rebellion, instead of business? (Apple)

One little change in attitude, or how you express your brand, could mean a world of difference for you.


Bring more ideas to your brainstorm sessions, impress your buddies at happy hour, or your ‘creative brainstorming meeting’ with the sales and marketing.

People within your company live and breathe your brand, day in and day out.

What about an outside opinion?

  • What creative ideas could spark fresh life in your campaigns?
  • What new twists on old ideas could drive up engagement and interest in your fans?
  • What ideas could bring you attention?

Try input from  another industry for truly different results!

Meet the Team

Your hyper-creative, restless, imaginacious brainstormers.

Body builders build up muscle with regular training and stress activities.

We have flexed and expanded our mental musculature into sculpted dream machines. 

We would love to bring you some of that fun, that creativity, and  ways that you can implement it. 

Sample name


Singer, Stylist, Angel Investor, Happiness Seeker, Lard Face. Trying to elevate small talk to medium talk.


Sample name


Writer, Entertainer, Social Entrepreneur, Database Wrangler, Vampire Slayer. Call me maybe?.


Sample name


Redhead, Filmmaker, Ninja in Training, Dollar Store Owner, Walking Organ Donor. Baked to perfection.


What happens if you don’t have an idea for me?

It rarely happens.

But, if we’re truly stumped, then we donate half of your idea money to the Creative Education Foundation – in your name.

Who we don’t work with

While we love them, we don’t work with chains, or franchises. You have marketing departments. 

This is a project for small businesses. Your website and workflow must show a commitment to customer-first, personal and professional excellence.

We also support Martians. 

If you can prove you’re a Martian, we’ll give you an idea for free. 

Yep, seriously, no cost.

And then your answer gets posted on this website. 

Some Sample Ideas

What if…

The Plumber brought Chocolates?

Do you have a local cookie or candy brand? What if you brought sampler packs for the families you served. Express sadness they’re enduring a bad situation, and munch on these while you’re fixing it. (The candy brand will love you too…)

Host a Coffee Hour & Raffle

What if you created an event and at your local cafe to give away free advice in your niche? And you’re gifting the first 20 people with free coffee, whatever they order.

Network to create a Winterize Group

With winter coming, people don’t take winterizing seriously enough. What if you partnered with your local businesses in different spaces to create a trusted ‘group’ of services to refer each other?

Showcase Your Clients like Celebrities

What if you solved your content & credibility problems by setting up a space on your for your clients to tell their stories? The best get shared, and you make them a mini-celebrity. Boost each one as an ad.

Get your Fresh, Free-Range Ideas

Guaranteed non-GMO, coffee-steeped, and 100% human.

One Idea


We will review your website and look at your reviews.

Then we will consider your request and suggest an idea that might work with your niche, your budget, and your brand. 

1 Hour Workshop


After reviewing your website and reviews, we will set up a 1 hour phone call/video chat to meet with you, talk about your business idea, and brainstorm ways to execute it, or new ideas.

We will either follow up afterwards with ideas, or provide a summary of notes from the meeting. 

2 Hour Brand Clarity Session


The first hour will review your brand with you, and  help you focus your message so that you are easily remembered. Clarity is key to credibility, and communication.

After that, we will set up a follow up session to talk through ideas and promotions, website suggestions, and ad campaigns. 

Legal Note: Making a purchase does not guarantee success. Success will always depend on your ability to execute. Just saying. 

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