Why You Should Join Awestruck, the Social Network for Catholics

by | Aug 24, 2015 | Articles, Blog

Originally published on CatholicViral.

If you’ve been following the unnerving trends on social media lately, you probably feel something similar to St. Paul witnessing in the Synagogues. Disinformation and aggression to his message, teachings and community keeps coming from all directions.

Facebook is one of our beloved haunts for fun, relaxation, information, and rallying around flags and fights. And cat pictures. But with the ethical-political climate steering ever off course, as it always will in a wealthy, non-ethical first world, Christians are left wondering if bolting or bracing is the answer.

I say both. Sort of.

Some feel that the newly touted ‘Benedict’ option recaptures the spirit of the founder of western monasticsm; isolation from negative influences allows for confirmation and strengthening of values. On the other side of the spectrum is the rising ‘Francis’ option, where through consistent good deeds, charitable witness and courteous dialogue, we continue to remain part of the discussion and contribute to the Great Commission.

I advocate perhaps not the happy median between the two, but one that kind of embraces both. Stay on Facebook. But join Awestruck too.

Here’s why.

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