#3FictionalCharacters: Radagast, Reepicheep & Ross Poldark

So this month my wife took the #3fictionalcharacters challenge, and I thought she nailed it perfectly.

I gave it a go, and couldn’t.

It’s probably my temperament, overthinking, exploring every possibility, looking at all options. 😉

Here’s a summary of the trend: Those participating simply post pictures of three fictional characters with whom they feel a kinship. Maybe they think they’re just like those characters. Maybe they see bits of themselves in each of the three. Maybe these characters are folks they aspire to emulate. In any case, it good fun. From CrowdSpring

I came up with Sean Connery’s King Arthur from ‘First Knight’, for his idealism and kindness, Ragnar Lothbrok from ‘Vikings’ for his sense of vision and his patience, and someone else. I thought I saw aspects of myself in those characters that I liked, but needed an outside opinion.

My wife immediately threw three at me that were perfect. Radagast, Reepicheep and Luna Lovegood.

Now, I don’t know much about Luna Lovegood since I’ve only seen the series once through, and that was a while ago. So I swapped her out with Ross Poldark, the titular hero of a PBS series that I’m watching right now, and loving every minute.

Here’s why I think these characters are perfect, and how putting a mental handle on these aspects of your personality is always a good idea. 😉


The version of him in my mind is from Peter Jackson’s rendition of ‘The Hobbit’, since my memory of Radagast in the books is nil. He’s portrayed as sensitive and scatterbrained, unable to focus on any one thing because he’s so fascinated by everything. Naturally, that makes him somewhat of a wildcard, perhaps crazy, and certainly absentminded.

Umm… check, check, check.


From Andrew Johnson’s films of ‘Narnia’ – again its’ been ages since I’ve read the books – Reepicheep is defined by his passion for formality, nobility and honor. At the same time, he doesn’t know when to ‘turn it off’ and be himself, and his interactions can be clumsy or silly, even if well intended.

‘Nuff said.

Ross Poldark

Hero of a French Revolution-era series set in the craggy beaches of Cornwall, Ross is a silent, fiery man who comes home from fighting in the American wars. The twists and turns of the series follow his desperate attempts to rebuild his family legacy, provide for the poor on his lands and wrest business ventures away from the corrupt to bring some sense of freedom back to his county.

Although I certainly can’t claim his quiet intensity and fixed focus, I love his sense of largesse and magnanimity to those around him, taking on their trials as his own, feeling their pain, and expending himself as much as he can to fix it.

Not that I’m totally like that, but that’s where my heart is. 😉


If you haven’t taken the Myers Brigg’s test, it can be a lot of fun. 16Personalities.com turns it into an easy 5-minute questionnaire, and then provides a wealth of information exploring your possible personality type, how you relate to others, what your strengths and weaknesses are.

I took the test twice, and did get two different results, but both were pretty accurate. The second time, I think I answered with a little more honesty, and cracked up reading about how an INTP thinks.

I think that knowing this kind of thing about yourself is a great way to have more patience with yourself, and accept who you are with your strengths and weaknesses. Too often we work really hard to be the best version of ourselves, and perhaps don’t realize that we don’t all fit the the same mold.

16Personalities.com thinks there are about sixteen molds. Who knows? 🙂

We do know that we are all called to become in ourselves the same mode of moral perfection: Christ. But how He expresses His creative genius through each of our choices and abilities is the adventure.

So who are your #3fictionalcharacters? Share in the comments. 🙂


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