Why Confirmation is the ‘Surprising Sacrament’

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Latest

This morning was really struck by this thought. Confirmation is the Surprising Sacrament. here’s why:

It goes to work in your soul like a seed in the earth. Like yeast in bread.

It’s not like Confession, Baptism, or Eucharist. You receive those Sacraments, and you know that they work. They’re ‘efficacious’ then and there. Like flipping a switch, God makes it happen in you.

I think many of us wonder what happened to Confirmation. Like we flipped the switch… and the lights didn’t come on.

I know I felt that way for a while. But it’s more like a current of energy. Like warmth. It spreads into you. You’ve explicitely asked the Holy Spirit to come live in you. In your bones. In your imagination. In your soul.

And as long as you remain open to this, He will continue to prod, nod, and nurture that seedling.

Some see explosive growth. Some, perhaps like you and me, wonder why the lights didn’t go on. So we get back to the job of living.

Years later, we look back and can see how we started to change. Something greater was at work in our lives.

Today, we are family-builders, or catechists, or building churches out of Lego. Or we have a deep sense of the presence of God when staring at the sea, or singing in a choir, or feeding the hungry. We begin to feel the depth of God at work in us.

That’s what Confirmation does. It’s the tree of Life working its way into our being, into who we are, not just what we do.

That’s why its the Sacrament that comes alive when we do. The other 3 Sacraments are about connection in God and enrichment of live (among others).

But Confirmation? It’s not just about an army. It’s not about initiation. It’s not about ‘you’re not a baby Catholic any more’. It’s about the willing choice to step fully into the life of God.

And for some it’s off a cliff into the deep. For some, its simply a stumble into the next step. But maybe that step is a hair-breath higher than the last.

The ‘secret’? Want it. Believe in the growth. Hope for the growth. Love the growth.

This is the way the Holy Spirit works. 🙂

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Dominic de Souza

Dominic de Souza
Cradle-Catholic passionate about the frontier between Faith, history, and science in the modern world. 

Dominic de Souza

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